Contact Pacific Sky in Victoria BC to book

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1.250.656.4312 ext 2409

Pacific Sky Aviation offers personalized, focused, and professional flight training in a small school environment.  We prioritize our students over recreational rentals to ensure that our current students have access to aircraft, and the ability to maintain momentum in their training.  

Our experienced instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and are well-trained in teaching and demonstrating the required skills for both Private and Commercial training.  Regular maintenance keeps our fleet of Cessna 172 S and P models in top-notch condition.  Our safety record is impeccable!

We have an on-site Transport Canada PPL Written Exam Invigilator, PPL Pilot Examiner, and Authorized Person to help with all your paperwork and requirements. 

Whether you want to fly for fun with a Private Licence, or launch a career in aviation with a Commercial Licence, we are here to help you make a plan, and achieve your goals! 


Call us today to book a Discovery Flight!  $94.95 + GST will get you up in the air and behind the controls of a small aircraft.  Gift Certificates are available, and a passenger can ride along at no extra charge.  


Contact Pacific Sky Aviation at 250.656.4312 ext 2409 or email reservations@pacificsky.ca. 


Pacific Sky Aviation is a privately held B.C. company, with operations at our headquarters in Victoria and at our Twin Otter flight test and training centre in Calgary, Alberta.


For over 25 years, Pacific Sky has been a Transport Canada approved provider of flight training, including initial licensing and ratings for new pilots, Multi-Engine and IFR Training.  Since the launch of the Series 400 Twin Otter, we have also provided advanced Twin Otter training for pilots throughout the world.


CYYJ Corporate Office

1533 Kittyhawk Road,

Victoria International Airport, 

North Saanich, BC, Canada V8L 5V6

(T) 1.250.656.4312

CYYC Twin Otter Simulator Training Centre

770 McTavish Road NE

Calgary International Airport

Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 7G6

(T) 1.403.230.0215

(F) 1.403.250.9021


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