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For those wanting to fly for fun, acquiring a Private Pilot's Licence will be the way to go. 


The holder of a Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence may:


  • operate any Canadian registered single engine non-high performance aircraft (for example, C172) anywhere in the world


  • conduct flight only during daylight hours and under visual flight rules (VFR) conditions unless licence is endorsed with a night rating and instrument rating


  • carry passengers for fun

Your flight training will consist of ground school instruction, simulator training and in-flight instruction.  You must pass both a written exam and a flying exam to receive your license. 


Flying is done at your own pace. Ideally, you would fly two or three flights per week to keep your skills sharp. This could allow you to complete your license in about six months. 


By the way, once you start your Commerical Pilot's License training, a portion of the Private Pilot's License is tax deductable.  


You can begin your flight training at anytime! Pay as you go! No Additional Surcharges!


Pacific Sky Training is a privately held Alberta company with headquarters at our Twin Otter flight test and training centre in Calgary, Alberta. A sister company and official training provider for Viking Air Ltd, we provide advanced Twin Otter and Canadair CL-215T/415 training to clients from around the world.


CYYC Twin Otter Simulator Training Centre

770 McTavish Road NE

Calgary International Airport

Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 7G6

(T) 1.403.230.0215

(F) 1.403.250.9021

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